Our mission is to provide timeless and on-trend jewelry with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting women in crisis, transition and entering the workforce. In this time of such uncertainty, we are positive that simply purchasing a new piece of jewelry can boost spirits and give confidence to any woman.
In keeping with our mission, we contributed to and will continue to support these two incredible organizations:


Louise Bentley Jewelry With Purpose is a woman-owned fashion jewelry company founded to bring beauty and style to women of all ages. Established in 2020 by college best friends, Cynthia Horsman Steeble and Katy Wright Everett, Louise Bentley Jewelry With Purpose curates on trend yet timeless jewelry that allows women to celebrate the simple joys in life- fashion, friendship and inspiration.

Cynthia and Katy have always had a passion for jewelry, fashion and having fun! Early in both of their careers, they focused on non-profit fundraising. Now in the corporate world, they decided it was time to focus on making a difference for others. Because giving back has always been important to Cynthia and Katy, Louise Bentley Jewelry With Purpose is committed to donating a portion of its profits to organizations that support women in crisis and transition and young women getting started in the workforce.

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